Run Forest, Run!

After a day of Wi-Fi and Plug hogging in McDonald’s, it was time to get back into the wild. Although not too far into it, as we needed the Internet again tomorrow for Jess’s work! So we drove a couple of miles out of Avallon towards Pontaubert and turned off onto the Route de Cousin (D427) that followed a river and a forest. We pulled off the road and down a track to an amazing parking spot that also had a toilet and a playground, what more could you ask for! (The grid ref for this place is N. 47.48216 E 3.88623)



We had our own picnic bench outside the van, which sat on the riverside. All around us we had a deep green forest, which overnight sounded the tones of hundreds of animals and insects all going about their business! The only other notable sound was the steady trickle of water from the river beside us; it really was an idyllic place to stop. Especially when we were only 2 miles from a busy town!


We had a lazy morning; again…these are becoming very common… However today we did have the plan to not be lazy and therefore decided to go for a run around the local area. As we were having a day off climbing, and it seemed a good method to explore the area around us!


We warmed up in the parc area, before heading down the road and across quite a wobbly bridge, to the other side of the river. We turned and headed back up stream where the path widened and apart from the occasional root or rock was good level running terrain. We eventually made it to another bridge and started up a hill, which never seemed to end. It was a classic “It will end just after this turn”…. one turn later….”Maybe over the ridge”… and so on. Once we were on top we were afforded a lovely view of a distant village through the trees and views that spread across the Vallee du Cousin. This run was so refreshing, and such a change of pace and scenery, compared to our usual runs back home. As well as this, the run enabled us to open up some of the secrets that are hidden away from where we were parked; from the vast panoramas to the shady nooks in the forest it was great fun!


We turned at this point and started to weave our way back through the trees on a smaller path, which eventually disappeared, the running soon stopped and it became more of a stroll, as the path was not overly stable for my road running trainers! From this point we were going up and down and round and round, following no notable path, more just animal tracks! This was fine though as I could always hear the river to my right running through the valley below to give me my bearings.


Eventually we weaved our way down and exited the rough stuff and were pleased to find out that we were very close to where we started. Just as we were coming to the end of the run, a fly decided to make good friends with my gag reflex. I immediately felt it hit the back of my throat, and started to choke. Even writing this now I’m feeling a slight lump in my throat. Once this episode was over we worked our way back to the bridge and made our way back to camp. All this lasted just under an hour, but was a great little adventure in the forest! Once back at the van, I did a little workout and some Yoga, all good fitness! We then had some amazing local spicy sausage in a baguette and a coke to ruin all the hard work! I followed this with a freezing cold shower, and by Christ it was freezing!

I’m seriously looking forward to climbing in a new area tomorrow; it will be good to climb after a couple of days rest! I will let you know how that goes in good time!


Thanks for reading!

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