Back in the Water – Back into training

So it has been a long time, since i have had anything worthwhile to post about on here. All said and done, I have not been up to much, just the normal things that normal people do, like work and rest at weekends. however the last couple of weekends I have actually got off my lazy arse and got on with something!

So Although this post is about diving, you are not doing to see any underwater pics, this is for two reasons; one, I was on a course and two, my go pro decided that it didn’t want to work under the water. Now I only hope it was a one off, but if not then this could spell another costly outlay!


On the surface, I managed with the help of mike to sort out my set up, both before arriving and at Vobster. This was key, as it has been a few years since I last dived with a twinset and even longer since I dived with a stage. Add to the mix that everything in my kit was new,  except for my gloves and torch, I needed to  get used to diving with this rig again, and get comfortable in the water. Unfortunately my new drysuit was late in arriving and this meant that I had to borrow a suit and have not had the chance to try out all my own kit. so the next time I dive, i will still have some new kit to get used to.

In the water we practiced our buoyancy, finning and shutdown drills. All had been done in the past, but it was key that I got some practice in and honed these skills that are the basis of safe diving with a twinset. Although I felt comfortable enough to do all the skills, I did feel somewhat uncomfortable in the water.

The second dive was much more comfortable, as soon as i was in the water, I felt balanced and comfortable in the water with both the skills and buoyancy aspects. As the dive ended we ascended as slow as i have ever done so, with controlled stops, skills and drills at multiple stages on the ascent. To be fair, we spent so long on the accent I was wondering if we would ever finish this dive!!

Both of these dives worked towards our Twinset and Accelerated Decompression courses, however predominantly it was a buoyancy Standards course, to ensure that we had the standards to move forward with our training. I am happy that I quickly adapted to the new equipment and I’m looking forward to a weekends diving in plymouth, if the weather gives us the opportunity. We finished the days diving with a small drink together in the local pub, one adventure down, More to look forward to.


Good news is that my drysuit has now arrived and is ready and I’ve already got other weekend tales to tell, so I have no doubt that a couple of posts will follow this one in no time at all!





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